Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bhagwan Parijatha Kannan

Bhagwan Parijatha Kannan, an incarnation of Lord Krishna, was a mystic and lived for the benefit and well being of humanity. He had no wants in life and lived as a commoner and a family man in society and dedicated his life for the well being of people around him and those who approached him.

He was born in the Tamil month of Avani, with the Star Rohini and Thithi Ashtami, the same as Lord Krishna. He was a Pranayamavasi and Hatayogi. He learnt Pranayama, the art of living by breathing only, that too the fastest and shortest way from a Master in Suruli Hills of Tamil Nadu and went to the Himalayas to be cured of the boils generated by the heat produced by Pranayama. Then he went to Jaipur to learn the art of filtering Sun's rays and deflecting it on persons to cure them of their ailments.

He could save people's lives from poisonous cobra bite just by reciting their name and through mantra. He was given the title of 'Visha Raja' or 'Poison King' by the Britishers. The Government had permitted anyone from anywhere in India to send a free Telegram to 'Poison King' if bitten by a poisonous snake to be saved from death through mantra. Invariably his medicine was just betel leaves, popularly called 'Vethalai'.

On the eve of Chitra Pournami day exactly at midnight, he used to go to the sea and dive to the bottom of the sea, distract the attention of the Makaram fish and collect its secretion called 'Mooppu' and bring it to offer to devotees as medicine for treatment of ailments. To this day this tradition is continued by carrying 108 pots of fresh milk and pouring on his statue and drinking it as medicine. Twice a year on the first Amavasya day of Dakshinayan and Uthirayan, the statue of Bhagwan is given an offering of gingely oil by the devotees and the oil has medicinal properties.

When he was alive, he could instantly read the face / mind of any person coming to him and could tell why he had come and whether the problem could be addressed and solved or not. He never gave false hope or told a lie to get popularity and never encouraged wrong doers. He served people who came to him without distinction of status, caste, creed, etc. and never took any money for the service he rendered.

Upon retirement after his stint in Indian Railways in various places and finally serving as Superintendent of Tool and Jig Plant of Southern Railway, Golden Rock, Tiruchinapalli, Tamil Nadu, he settled down in Pondicherry, the abode of Saints where he built a house as per Agama Shastra with nine doors, wells below each door filled with nava dhanya and nava artna at Muthialpet, Pondicherry. He had built tall cement water storage tanks and would stand neck deep in water and his soul could go out of his body to far off places to attend to devotees and return. It is said, he cured a French Governor of his ailments.

After living for almost 25 years in Pondicherry, at the age of 93, He passed away in March 1985. His legacy continues to date and he is serving society from Bhagwan Parijatha Kanna Temple at 9/9A, East Coast Road, Aatchikadu Village, Mandavai Post, Tindivanam Taluk, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, Pin Code - 604 303. The Temple is located close to the shore, facing East 7 km beyond Marakkanam, on the Chennai - Pondicherry East Coast road (24 km before Pondicherry). The Sun's rays directly fall on his statue as it rises up and every day at mid-day, puja and aarthi are performed for Vinayaka, Karthikeya, Nagaraja, Durgai, Amman, Lakshmi, Amma, Venugopalan and Bhagwan. Amavasya (New Moon day) and Pournami (full moon day) are special days and there is Arul Vakku (responding to devotees wishes and queries).

Shri. Ramachandran who was his Confident and Secretary when He was alive, continues to serve Him as the Founder-Trustee of the Bhagwan parijatha Kannan Trust and communicates after listening to Bhagwan. His son Sakthi also serves Him. Many devotees from near and far come to receive His blessings.